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How QR Autobiography Works

The key feature that makes QR Autobiography work is the QR (Quick Reponse) code. This symbol can be read by a special program on your smartphone which translates the QR code to a web reference (URL). There are many free QR readers on the iOS App Store or the Andriod Market. Because QR AutoBiography does not advertise on our QR codes, we provide you with the smallest and most unobtrusive QR codes so as to not affect the aesthetics of the headstone or other memorial marker.

1. Contact us and fill out a request form

    To start the process you can click on the Contact Us tab above or click Here!.
We take the information you have provided and begin the process. We contact you in reguards to the request and finalize the detail information for the account.

2. Your QR Autobiography Plaque

     We lazer engrave a QR Autobiography plaque of your choosing for you and send them to you in the mail. We deliver 2 plagues to each customer, 1 for placement and the other for safe keeping. Additional plagues can be ordered at anytime for your account. We are proud to say your account is permanent, when you receive your plagues in the mail you will never be billed again for the account unless you order more plagues.

3. Your QR Autobiography Account

     When your QR Autobiography plaques arrive in the mail you will receive account information as well. You simply log into your account and edit the information we have already provided in the account for you. QR autobiography provides extensive Autobiography options like (Relatives/Military History/ Census Information) at no additional charge. If you want to link to additional information, we have custom Autobiography options that allow you to link to your, My, and many other sites. You can edit and update the Autobiography as much as you want.

4. You attach the Plaque to your Memorial

     Our QR Autobiography plaques have a special adhesive on the revers side to that it can be attached to the memorial stone. We provide instructions on the attachment of your plaque to ensure it will remain attached through all weather conditions and endure the test of time. Because nothing can protect your plaque from deviants, we have provided you with a second plaque absolutely free of charge.

5. View a Sample Memorial Site

    You can pass on to future generations a permanent record of just how special this family member was including photographs. Imagine your great,great grand child and thier grand children being able to know more about you, your life and even see a picture of you.
Scan the QR code listed below is an example of a Autobiography.
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