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A keepsake to share with everyone..

Place the QR code on the memorial and every person who scans the QR Code will visit your keepsake.

The QR scan codes come in metal and ceramic and they are small and can be placed so that they are unobtrusive and do not affect the aesthetics.
You want everyone who visits to know how special this person was. Information and photographs you can edit by way of your own Username and Password.

How we work

Once you have placed your order we create a unique QR Code which will link to a page on this site.

You will receive the QR Code ready to be placed in a desired location.

The page is created for the family and the information and photographs are added.

When someone scans the QR code they are taken to a page with the information and pictures you created.

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For more information or pricing please visit our Contact Us page.

About QR Autobiography

So many times we find ourselves wishing we knew more about our relatives that have already past such as Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents. Most families have only limited information which doesn't complete who they may have been.

Well now with QR Autobiography, your family can create an autobiography including photographs of a loved one that has passed and attach it to their grave stone or marker. When your family and all of thier future generations visit their place of rest, they will be able to read all about their life.

You can pass on to future generations a permanent record of just how special this family member was including photographs. Imagine your great great grandchild and their grand children being able to know more about you, your life and even see a picture of you.

Too much history and heritage of our past relatives has vanished with their passing and many times all we have is a small obituary statement which is limited and many times lost never to be found.

Now with QR Autobiography their story, history, heritage and picture can be a permanent part of their resting place for all future generations to read and see. Just imagine how much more complete and intimate a visit to their resting place would be.

At the time of a loved ones passing we are so rushed to make arrangements and meet schedules. Many times our obituary statement that is published in your local newspaper is empty of what future generations would want to know.

With QR Autobiography we can provide you with the ability to update and add information and pictures at a later date when you are less rushed and under less stress. No longer do you have to be upset because a fact was misstated or left out because with QR Autobiography "YOU" not the newspaper have complete control to enter and edit the information at anytime as and when you wish.

You can only imagine the feeling your future loved ones will have when they visit the resting place of a passed loved one QR Autobiography can place a QR code on your loved ones stone or marker about the size of a postage stamp.

This QR code can be scanned with a smart phone which will allow you to read all about the loved one at rest and even see pictures of them. No longer does a loved ones life story, history, heritage and picture have to be lost knowledge or dependent on immediate family members to keep and pass on to future generations.

Scan this QR Code to see how it works.

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