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QR Autobiography is the place to honor the memory of your loved ones.

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We never advertise on your QR code.

The last thing you want to see on a memorial is some advertisement and we agree. We will never put a logo a url or information not related directly to the memorial on your QR plague with QR Autobiography.

Because QR Autobiography plagues are small and can be placed so that they are unobtrusive and do not affect the aesthetics.

Many sites are available on the web for your use at low or no cost. For those that donít have an online memorial, we offer a mobile-optimized website and an administration tool to create your own customized QR Autobiography. With the lifetime membership you will be able to add information, pictures and relatives so you can update as you need.

We do offer QR plagues with a name option. Maybe you want the person scanning the QR code to relate the code with a name. Because the QR codes are made of the finest stainless steel you can ensure if properly attached it will last for many years to come.

We never used encrypted id numbers for the members, we think you deserve better. Every member site is custom tagged for your membership. You can feel comfortable knowing there is no re-occurring charge for your custom member site, everything is included in your lifetime membership.

Maybe youíre interested in the QR code directing the visitor to a different website instead of their profile? The available options for members are vast and there is no additional charge for the option.

Do not have a scan app on your smartphone?
There are many free scan app's available here are just a few.
For orders or additional information contact us at
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